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Basic rate is collected all apartment and summer residents. They can take all recycling waste and dangerous waste to the Sorting Stations.

Rates in the 2017

  • empty apartment 7,00 €/year
  • apartment with one inhabitant  14,00 €/year
  • apartment with two inhabitants 21,00 €/year
  • apartment with more than two inhabitants 28,00 €/year
  • summer apartment 10,00 €/year

Local collection rate is collected by those apartments and summer residents that have not made a deal with the waste transport companies. They can take paper and daily mixed waste to the Local Waste Collection Points.

Rates in the 2017

  • empty apartment none payment
  • apartment with one inhabitant 50,00 €/year
  • apartment with two inhabitants 100,00 €/year
  • apartment with more than two inhabitants 150,00 €/year
  • summer apartment 42,00 € / year

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